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Define park : an enclosed piece of ground stocked with game and held by royal prescription or grant — park in a sentence. We have a modern machine park at our disposal. Auto Bast has at its disposal a modern machine park which facilitates the completion of even the most complicated tasks in technological processing. Doctors kept him alive on a life-support machine.

There is a vending machine on the platform that dispenses snacks. The machine emits a high-pitched sound when you press the button.

I need some coins for the ticket machine in the car park. Yet the definition goes beyond this. The American public, in fact, tends to reserve its purest distillate of antipolitical contempt for the Machine , which it considers a machine -as-octopus, putting a tentacle into every pocket in a never-ending process of graft, extortion, and outright theft. MARSHALL (Deputy Prime Minister) — I move, That consideration of this Bill be postponed until Thursday, June.

Under the present definition such a machine would not be an aircraft, but once it is fully airborne it is then an aircraft. An amusement park is a park that features various attractions, such as rides and games, as well as other events for entertainment purposes. A theme park is a type of amusement park that bases its structures and attractions around a central theme, often featuring multiple areas with different themes.

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Products fitting within these definitions shall be treated as if they were machinery , and so subject to the full provisions of the Directive in the same way as. His job, as a repairman, was to keep the machine park running. Expert Meeting organized by the European Commission in Dublin in where the following definition was proposed: incidents where persons are abuse threatened or assaulted in circumstances related to their work, involving an explicit . At Bletchley Park , Turing illustrated his ideas on machine intelligence by reference to chess—a useful source of challenging and clearly defined problems against which proposed methods for problem solving could be tested.

In principle , a chess-playing computer could play by searching exhaustively . While working at Bletchley Park she was stationed in a small, cramped hut with about otherwomen,where she sat in front of a machine and decrypted the German code coming in. The Official Secrets Act stopped Fleming from talking or writing about his time at . MISCELLANEOUS BUSINESSES . Some people call it the scream machine , with good reason. The history of this ride reflects a constant search for greater and more death-defying thrills.

How does a roller coaster work? Frequently asked questions – Q- Park Resa: book your parking online ! When you make a reservation on Q- Park Resa, you pay for your parking space in advance, therefore you have the guarantee that you will find an available parking space. Sandra Daniels spends her time working within the corporate marketing division implementing communications strategies, generating brand awareness through earned media, writing and distributing press releases, coordinating interviews with Six Flags team members and assisting the media to tell the story of the parks.

HDR to update Filmgate machine park. Filmgate VFX in Gothenburg has always been working with demanding digital productions that requires optimized hardware. HDR has been given the mission to upgrade existing workstations to the latest Core itechnology and supply new.

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Internet or a similar wide-area network (WAN). Parking check, Parking signs. How close can I park to that? Parallel parking, Clearways. Centre of the road parking.

Park and Ride facilities at Melbourne railway stations . Definition of Machine Park from all online and printed dictionaries. And the first simple machine was invented. Ramps are used in skateboard parks , wheelchair ramps and to get heavy equipment in and out of the back of trucks.

Snowmobiling Areas in Chugach State Park , Alaska State Parks. All snow machines operating on public lands must be registered with the Division of Motor Vehicles and display a valid registration decal. Contact the DMV for further information.

The legal definition of a snowmobile is defined here.